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Each house and land package displayed on the Parklife website consists of land within the Parklife residential development and a home (building), which are sold separately.

Bauenort does not act partnership or joint venture with any homebuilder, with lots within the Parklife development purchased independently of any new home, and sold via nominated Selling Agent, Addison Real Estate.

Purchasers wishing to purchase a house and land package must enter into a land contract with Bauenort AS WELL AS the relevant builder for the construction of the house.

Bauenort assumes no liability whatsoever for the actions of, or products offered by, builders, and purchasers should review all information carefully, make their own inquiries and obtain independent advice before entering into any contract.


The participating builders promoted within website are not subsidiaries or related entities of Bauenort and we make no representations about any builders’ ability to comply with any building contract, nor does Bauenort assume and liability for:

Promotional offers, incentives or ‘extras’ may be offered by a builder but Bauenort accepts no liability or responsibility with regard to these.


Pricing pertaining to House and Land packages published on the website are indicative only.

The price for a house is based on the relevant builder's standard specifications and inclusions for the house as provided to Bauenort by the builder, which Users can, and should, obtain from each respective builder.

Unless otherwise advertised, the price may be subject to exclusions such as landscaping, fencing and any other exclusions nominated by us or a builder.

Prices do not include transfer/stamp duty on the land contract or the building contract, registration fees (including registration fees in relation to the transfer of the land), local government change of ownership fees and any other fees or charges relevant to the acquisition of land or a home or the construction of a home. The purchaser will need to pay these fees and charges separately.

Prices do not include legal fees or the cost of other services which may be required by a purchaser in relation to the land contract, the purchase of the land, the building contract or the construction of the home. The purchaser will need to pay these fees and charges separately.

Prices are correct at the time of publication (based on the information provided to us by the builders), but may change as a result of variations in the inclusion or specification of the house required by the purchaser or changes in the local, state or federal government laws, increases in cost of materials and other inputs or requirements which affect the inclusions or specifications of the house. Unless the price is advertised as a ‘fixed price’, the house price may vary in other circumstances as set out in the building contract and we have no responsibility, liability or obligation whatsoever in relation to any matter contained in the building contract. The land price is subject to adjustments under the land contract.

Purchasers should make appropriate enquiries with their own advisors, our representatives and the builder's representative prior to purchase.

Representation of House and Land Packages – Images and Descriptions

Images (including photographs, illustrations and other images) and descriptions are visual and descriptive aids only, and may depict items or inclusions which do not form part of the house or land or the house and land package.

Purchasers should make appropriate enquiries with each builder with respect to inclusions and exclusions pertaining house and land package visual representations within the website.

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